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It’s time to invest in yourself!
Kornerstone Physical Therapy is a rehab and performance center located within CrossFit Efferent and Kilo Barbell Club helping athletes of all ages in the Glendale Area
Moving beyond the routine diagnosis and the quick fix, we take time for a through evaluation. Here 1 on 1 session are standard. Whether you are trying to achieve peak athletic performance or simply want to lead a healthy, active lifestyle once again, Kornerstone Physical Therapy will help you reach your goals to live your life without pain!


- together we will show you how. Are you ready to live the life you love?


From Crossfit to Golf and

everything in between

frustration with limited mobility, injury, and pain impact how we play our sport. As athletes ourselves we understand and our committed to getting you back to playing your sport to your fullest potential. Using cutting edge therapy, collaborations with our in facility gyms, and individualized plans we will get you back to moving better in your sport.

Not an Athlete, but you still

lead an active lifestyle

Active lifestyle, so you may not identify yourself as an athlete but you still lead an active lifestyle. At least prior to this injury that has made that difficult. Whether you want to be able to hike, play with your kids, or get through a round of golf, you should be able to pain free! We will create a plan together for you to be able to lead the healthy, active lifestyle you love.

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Don’t just take our word for it, read what our clients have to say about us and how we helped reach their goals.
about us and how we helped reach their goals.
As a gym owner I personally recommend everyone to Kyle at Kornerstone PT. He is fantastic in his abilities to diagnose injuries and prescribe the right movements to get you back on track with your goals.
Nicolas Springob
Nicolas Springob
I injured my left shoulder about two years ago, then about a year ago injured my right shoulder. The right shoulder injury became more of an issue and I decided I finally needed to get it taken care of. After the first appointment with Kyle I noticed a huge difference on how I felt. He gave me a few easy exercises I could do every day that also helped. After only a couple appointments with Kyle and the daily exercises, both of my shoulders are back to 100%!! I’m so grateful for Kyle’s help and getting me back to doing the things I’m love without pain! I no longer have to modify any of my workouts. He’s so incredibly nice and very professional! I would absolutely recommend Kyle for any of your PT needs!
Jamie W
Jamie W
My daughter plays club volleyball and was complaining of some knee pain. We had a consultation with Kyle and we were impressed that in that short time he was able to pinpoint the reason she was having knee pain and show her some exercises to strengthen her hips. Sure enough, after a few more visits and doing the exercises and stretches, her knee pain was gone! She even gained some knowledge about her muscles and the importance of stretching and jump form. We’re so thankful and absolutely recommend him to anyone with nagging pain!
Meagan Mora
Meagan Mora
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